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For Charity Partners...

How do charity partners benefit from coaching?


  • People who are more resilient, better able to deal with change and conflict
  • People who have improved communication and decision-making skills
  • People who take feedback better with a mindset for learning and acting

Together we can create happier workplaces where people thrive and do their best work.


How we support charity partners?


WR Fundraising Recruitment will co-invest in an optional enhanced coaching programme for your new starter so they ‘hit the ground running’  therefore fully operational and adding value from day one.


Other tailored coaching programmes are available for your team. Please contact a member of our team for details.


Why Invest?


Staff in the charity sector are incredibly dedicated, working hard towards a cause they believe in, but this can come at a high cost when hard work slips in to overwhelm, stress and frustration.

Overwhelm can affect health and wellbeing as well as relationships at home and at work. It can lead to procrastination and increased anxiety as staff feel unable to make progress. We often see staff pushing through to get things done to a standard that is unattainable and exhausting. Leading from overwhelm can impact on individuals and their teams, creating difficult and unhealthy working environments.

As a result of coaching, we see reduced anxiety and stress, a greater sense of ease and control, better time management and clearer prioritisation which results in increased impact and greater wellbeing.


What is included with the optional one-to-one coaching programmes?


In the optional one-to-one coaching programmes the following is included:

  • Coaching Information Sheet – including what coaching is (and isn’t), what may be expected from the coaching relationship and examples of possible positive outcomes from taking part.
  • Free 20-30 minute discovery conversation with prospective coachee to answer questions and explore areas for discussion, to help get clarity if coachee and the coach are right for each other.
  • Preparation before first session with questions to help coachee (and coach) prepare for the coaching journey.
  • Ongoing ‘journey update’ accountability to support coachee reflection, celebration and commitment to deeper learning.
  • Check-ins via email between sessions available if coachee requires.

Speak to one of our consultants today for further information

Don't just take our word for it...

Taking up Sarah's coaching as a new starter has really helped me to get the best start possible in my new role. 


Joining the charity sector was new to me and with a newly formed role too, an external coach has been really helpful to help me better understand the dynamics, as well as hit the ground running.


During the sessions with Sarah, we discussed not only how I was finding the new role, but other challenges I’ve faced in my professional career, particularly since becoming a manager and leader. Sarah took time to work through experiences with me which in turn helped to provide validation and increased confidence in myself.


This has had an empowering impact in my new role, especially on the way I work day to day. I learnt quite a lot about myself in just a few sessions with Sarah, and I’m pleased to have had this opportunity to focus on my professional development.

S. Head of Marketing & Communications