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WR Fundraising Recruitment are pleased and proud to be supporting our candidates and charity clients to perform at their best as they ‘hit the ground running’ in their new role by partnering with Sarah Tite Coaching Ltd to offer one-to-one coaching packages.

Why invest in coaching?

The driving force behind charities are their people and their leaders. Together they set the vision, champion the strategy, inspire, and manage the organisation through change or challenge. Leaders know when to seize opportunities, how to rally teams to work hard to drive the strategy and vision, and they understand the importance of supporting the mental wellbeing of their team, and themselves.


These expectations can be challenging, especially so if there are additional pressures in other parts of their lives, and as they step into a new role wanting to perform at their best.  Coaching provides a safe, non-judgemental space in which fundraisers, who can often be isolated in their role, can openly discuss, explore, and find solutions to their challenges to open up the opportunities for lasting change.  


Coaching can support people in many ways. Most importantly it helps to develop an environment of psychological safety, where individuals in teams feel safe to speak up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. Resulting in more innovation, better problem-solving and more successful teams.

Find out how it could work for you:

About Sarah Tite Coaching

Why invest in coaching with Sarah?


Sarah is a certified leadership coach and trainer empowering leaders to be confident and courageous.


Over the last 30 years she has built her career in the non-profit sector starting as a volunteer at Oxfam Head Office, moving to London for her first role as Fundraising Assistant at Coram. From here she worked for charities such as WaterAid, Marie Curie Cancer Care at a senior level and most recently as Director of Fundraising and Communications at Mental Health Foundation.

She has been leading and supporting teams for over 20 years (alongside being a mum), so it’s likely she has encountered many of challenges being faced by individuals, teams, and organisations.

Through coaching and training sessions she provides a dedicated space for people to explore their challenges in a safe and supported way.

Through coaching and training sessions she provides a dedicated space for people to explore their challenges in a safe and supported way. A space to express themselves openly, guided by insightful questioning and techniques helping to powerfully unlock transformation not just in one area but across their whole life.


Her work can support individuals and teams in many ways including with overwhelm, emerging leadership readiness, confidence, performance, relationships and returning to work after maternity leave or illness.




Don’t take our word for it – testimonials from past clients:


“With Sarah’s help I was able to move forward in the goals I had for myself and get past some blocks I had been carrying around for a long time”- Mel


“Friends, family and colleagues may have thought I was coping remarkably well when I started a new job but it was only because Sarah gave me the space to reflect each week”– Rosa


Read about the coaching programme that Sarah developed with the HR & Wellbeing Team while Director of Fundraising and Communications at the Mental Health Foundation to support moving to changed structure as part of launch of new strategy, to nurture future leaders –



To find out more and talk to us about investing in coaching please contact a member of our team

Candidate Feedback

Taking up Sarah's coaching as a new starter has really helped me to get the best start possible in my new role. 


Joining the charity sector was new to me and with a newly formed role too, an external coach has been really helpful to help me better understand the dynamics, as well as hit the ground running.


During the sessions with Sarah, we discussed not only how I was finding the new role, but other challenges I’ve faced in my professional career, particularly since becoming a manager and leader. Sarah took time to work through experiences with me which in turn helped to provide validation and increased confidence in myself.


This has had an empowering impact in my new role, especially on the way I work day to day. I learnt quite a lot about myself in just a few sessions with Sarah, and I’m pleased to have had this opportunity to focus on my professional development.

S. Head of Marketing & Communications